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Specialist Plastering company in Liverpool, Merseyside.

Merseyrend ltd prides ourselves on being one of the leading plastering companies in Liverpool, Merseyside and all the Northwest.

We are first and foremost a plastering company, and have over 30 years experience in the industry.

We are fully qualified and vastly experienced in all the different aspects of plastering, commercially and domestically.

Our highly experienced plastering team have worked hand in hand with the countries top construction companies, including ISG, MITIE, LMH, VIVARK, MEARS GROUP and THOMAS WINSTANLEYS working internally and externally for example, working on newly built homes, to the refurbishment of council homes, schools, museums and other government buildings.

Below you will find an overview of the plastering techniques that Merseyrend Ltd. can provide you.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our experienced plastering team. From removing artex on a ceiling to a full rip out of your home, our  plastering team are at hand to offer you free advice or an inspection with no obligation.

Our plasterers are fully qualified to undertake all plastering work, we work in Liverpool, Merseyside and cover the whole of the North West.

Floating / traditional interior plastering in Liverpool, Merseyside

Floating can be carried out on a wide variety of backgrounds including block, brickwork, clay tiled block, masonry, concrete, expanding metal lath, plasterboard and wooden lath.

If the background is uneven or has deep holes, a dubbing out coat is applied before the floating coat.

The floating coat is applied approximately 13mm thick, ruled, straightened then rubbed up and keyed. This is followed after the floating coat is set with a thin skimming coat of 3mm or less.

Skimming in Liverpool, Merseyside

The skimming coat is the final coat for smoothness. It is not designed to flatten so the background must be flat. Merseryrend ltd can prepare any background ready for the skim coat to leave a perfectly flat, even, smooth, shiny finish.

Drylining / dot and dab in Liverpool, Merseyside

This method is formed by using plasterboards and can be finished using either a skim coat or filling the joints with a joint filler, sanding down and leaving unplastered ready to paint or wallpaper.

The boards come in different sizes and thicknesses to suit the background or job specification. You can also choose from a range of sound, acoustic, insulation, moisture and fire protection boards.

The boards can be fixed mechanically depending on the background or by using an adhesive (dot and dab).

Floor screeds in Liverpool, Merseyside

A screeded floor should be capable of withstanding the final finishing floor (tiling, wooden floor, carpet). It can act as a final wearing surface.

A wide variety of materials can be used, including sand and cement, polymer modified cement, cold setting resin and granolithic.

There are three systems: monolithic, bonded and unbounded.

Bonded system is the most common system, the floor being laid on a hardened concrete base which will require preparation before laying. The soundness of the bond is reflected in the floor preparation carried out. The floor should be laid to a minimum thickness at any one point of 25mm and to achieve this a design thickness of 40mm is recommended.

If you need plastering work and live in Liverpool, Merseyside then please give us a call.

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